Bars and clubs are the most common sites where today’s generations hang out, get loose and hopefully get laid. Though dangerous because of the availability of alcohol and gangsters, it is still a place where many do meet-ups and socialize. Women of this kind of environment are loose and more open than their outside behaviour. That is why most guys flock at these establishments hopeful to find a girl, date, and maybe a little more. If you only know how, that is.

Mr. Famous

Don’t go out on bars and clubs looking like a lion waiting for his meal. Ease it up a little bit and focus on other things. Project an attitude that you are just having a good time hilling out with friends on a weekend. Greet everyone in a friendly and a not-so-arrogant manner. You wouldn’t want to stand in one corner spying on every attractive girl you could see. You might frighten these women off. Engage in small chitchats with the bartenders, the person beside you or a small group. The girl you’ve been eyeing for might spot you and be attracted to your personality. Put in mind that you’re there to have fun, chill, and enjoy.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

You cannot simply approach a woman upright most especially at bars and clubs. It’s too dangerous a place to be overly confident. You don’t know what kind of companion she has. It is best to test the waters first. Try to catch her eye and smile. If she responds, that’s the time you walk over and introduce yourself to her. Start a small talk to show her that you are just being friendly and social without having any agenda of hooking her up. Having your friend approach for you and start a conversation is a big no-no! Most women consider this tactics a flop and would make you look like an insecure coward.

When you know how to approach

When you know how to approach

Make Friends with Her Friends

A woman barely goes out in a bar alone. A girl inside a club or a bar is often accompanied with a mixed group of men and women. This is where you should start first. Initiate a small talk with his guy friend first. In this way you will know whether she is someone else’s girlfriend or not. This also avoids trouble because most of the time these guys are protective of their girl companions. The key here is to win their support. More often than not, they are willing to joke around with silly things you throw at them. Be confident but not too much that they might find you arrogant. Prove to them that you’re just there for genuine friendship. Maintain this kind of bond until you finally have a chance to talk to her one on one and get to know her just as you wished.

Woman Texting in Bar Social

Woman Texting in Bar Social

Always remember that girls who hang out in nightclubs and bars get approached by men constantly. So it’s much better to improvise your tactics and use unique strategies without offending her or coming out too strong. Clarify your mission. Would you want to meet a girl who you would eventually invite for dates or are you just looking for a one night stand? And when you get rejected, brush it off your shoulder and move forward to the next attractive girl.

Many of people who lost jobs after the recession have now resorted to starting business so as to reverse their financial situations. This has however been simplified by the internet due to the large number of business opportunities it offers. Here are a few ideas for business startups.

Education Technologies

White board industry is now booming more than ever. Since online education has gained much popularity in the recent past, technologies which deal with online education has been gaining a lot of popularity. So it is time you and your technology geek friends to come together and invest in this field.

Businesses Related to Energy

Going green is main song in the world today. This has led to increase in the recent past in a number of startups in the energy industry. These startups deal with a number of things, from how to conserve energy effectively, saving energy, carbon footprints, alternative sources of energy, carbon credits agencies to energy education. In this era when everyone is striving to save some energy, this industry stands to do far much well.

small business startup ideas

small business startup ideas

Technology Applications

If you have good programming skills and creativity, you can create web or mobile-based applications which can be used by millions of people the world over. Still, just starting a website dealing with the always increasing need for technical assistance by businesses is never a disappointing idea.

Internet Affiliate Marketing

This is the best option for those in search for businesses they can carry out at the comfort of their homes. This fundamental concept behind this idea is that you assist a manufacturer or seller to promote their products online. You therefore must have a web-page or website with high traffic invited by its quality content. You earn money every time a seller visits the manufacturer’s or marketer’s web-page after clicking on the advertisement on your website. The payment depends on your payment agreement known as ‘pay per click’. If the payment is made depending on the number of sales resulting from your advertisement then the agreement is termed as ‘pay per sale’.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

Event Planning

This is among the highly profitable startup business ideas. Interest in detail, good public relations and splendid organizational skills are the only required qualification to be an event planner. You can start by being an event planner for your acquaintances’ parties and functions. If you do this well it won’t take long before they start recommending you to other people, and you will be in business! Later you may go corporate.

Virtual Assistance Services

Services provided to corporate by virtual assistances include email and telephone services, administration services, writing services, secretarial services, data entry services ,accounting and book-keeping services. This however requires a high speed connectivity computer.

Life Coaching

Becoming a life coach can be a way of helping those stressed up by the recession time. This requires you to be empathizing and understanding the human nature with good listening and communication skills and a positive attitude. It is essential that you also be able to offer solace and solutions to problems.

These ideas require that you invest in your hobbies. You should however not make it your only income source until you are fully grounded in the field.

Remember in your way to develop a career you should plan properly, be focused a stay dedicated to your mission. Good luck!!

A lot of people are getting sick because of wrong diet. Not much green is taken when it is common knowledge that we should regularly eat them as much as possible. With the lack of real nutrition in the body, eating it is not enough. Drinking it is the best since the body will easily absorb all the nutrients skipping the processing when eaten. This is especially helpful when your internal organs are crying for help. Drink twice a day, or even more and you will get energized, full and you will discover that your cravings will also subside.

Go for Raw

Any green leaves will do as long as you take it raw. Heating will only defeat the purpose since most of the nutrients simply evaporate. There is no hard fast rule in choosing what kind of leaves you include. The concept is, you can take in more nutrients by stuffing more greens by drinking than by eating. You can make a combination of greens or you can go one green kind at a time.

Mix with Fruits

Fruits are added not just for health reasons but also to blend in some sweetness to the taste of your smoothie. While we need more vegetables than fruits, going for 60% fruit and 40% vegetable leaves is good for beginners. Taste buds will adjust as you go on. You can reverse the percentage or even up the percentage of greens as much as possible as you go on. Bananas are known to have more nutrition content than apples, and they are naturally sweeter too. Choose bananas with more dark patches on its peel for more healthy benefits. For fruits that peels are naturally eaten like apples and pears, include them also in your smoothie. Drinking may be a little chunky but that depends on the blender that you are using.

How to Make a Green Smoothie

How to Make a Green Smoothie

Natural Sweeteners

Apart from fruits, natural sweeteners include honey and stevia. Make sure that the honey you get is pure. Stevia is naturally sweet leaves that can actually be eaten as you pick it from its stem. It is better if you can do away with these sweeteners, though. Rely on fruits instead. No sugars.

Choose your Blender

There are different kinds of blender or food processor but what you need is something that can grind all your fruits and vegetables into drinkable form. If you can take it with some tidbits because your blender can only blend as much, that will be good enough.


Blend the leaves first to be able to break it down better. Put some water so the leaves can move. Add the fruits after. Add some ice to make it cold or you can just pour your smoothie into a glass full of ice. Drink as soon as possible as the taste differs when you let it stay longer.

The unhealthy lifestyle of wrong diet is making people sick. Going for green smoothies will help by drinking the nutrients in mega dose proportion instead of just eating them. You can experiment as long as you make sure they are raw and no sugars.

heard of green smoothies,

heard of green smoothies,

Real estate is a great area to invest in because it does not require a huge portion of your time. There are many people who pass on the opportunity of becoming successful in real estate because they think that it is hard and they won’t have time to focus on this business. If they were given an opportunity, they say they’ll pass for later. The right time to invest in real estate is now. If you are hesitant to invest in real estate for varied reasons, here are some tips to help you.

Start smallAs they say, great things start from small beginnings. When you start investing in real estate, you don’t need to do it big at once. Start with referrals. When a friend asks help in finding a house or a lot, immediately offer help. In that case, you could start looking for houses and lots that are for sale. By the time your friends come to you to look for something, you can immediately give them options. This will not require you to resign your job and from there you can earn from commissions.

Increase your connectionsWhen you are in to real estate business, you need to increase the people you know and the properties that are up for sale. You don’t have to force yourself in to the real estate circles. First of all, you can find many connections in the internet through social media networks. Also if you have a friend that you were able to help, they will surely refer their friends to you. Once you have a solid network, you can now decide if you want to make it a serious business.

investing in real estate,

investing in real estate,

Become a real estate agent Once you see that more and more people are looking for sellers and buyers, you can now become a real estate agent. Again, you can just make this a second job. You don’t have to quit your main source of income. You just have to invest in real estate seminars to become a licensed real estate agent. Once you become a full-pledged agent, along with a social network, you can become successful in real estate investment.

Start working on buy and sellOnce you have the money, you can start buying real estate properties. These are also good investments. In case you run out of properties to sell, you can actually sell them at a profitable price. The good thing about investing in real estate is that it will appreciate throughout the years. The initial amount that you paid to buy the part will double if not triple by the time it will be sold in the future.

If you have plans to invest in real estate, the right time is now. Don’t wait for the next day or the next month. You have to decide today. Remember that you don’t have to start big. You can start small, and then begin building your social network. Once you have started and already have a solid network, decide if you want to become a real estate agent. You can also earn from buy and sell. Invest in real estate, earn more and you are actually investing in your future.

probate real estate investing

probate real estate investing

Starting to get tired of your regular nine to five job (or lack of it)? Feeling like you could use some extra cash right now? There are a lot of ways for you to make more money without necessarily quitting your current job. While it could eventually lead to bigger, better things, it’s too early to make any drastic decisions. Think of it as a new hobby, something new to look forward to during your free time, or when you get home from work. Here are a few ideas on what to do to earn yourself some well-deserved extra cash.


Tutoring doesn’t need big requirements, just a college degree and the confidence that you will be able to help children. You can do it during your downtime, during the weekends or kids’ summer vacation, whenever it is most convenient for both of you, actually.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

The oldest trick in the book, but not something just anybody can do. For someone to be a good dog walker, one needs to be good and patient with animals. It can also be a good reliever of stress, and the money is goo-ood!

Earn extra money online – how?

Earn extra money online – how?

Freelance Writing

If you think you got what it takes, have very good writing skills, and know the twists and turns of spelling and grammar (wouldn’t hurt if you know how to inject humor in it, as well—depending on the topic of course), then you got yourself a part time job that also pays good cash. You can be a freelance writer for your local newspaper or magazine. Also, a lot of people log on to the internet everyday for different reasons, and one of those reasons is doing freelance writing. Feel free to look it up online, finding a client that will pay good cash for your talents isn’t at all that hard to do.

Ways to Earn Extra Income.

Ways to Earn Extra Income.

Bake Cakes, Treats and Goodies

There’s a reason why a lot of people out there (and not just the women) are setting up their very own baking business right in the comforts of their kitchen. And it’s not just because of the money they’re earning, but because it has also proven to be therapeutic, an outlet or escape from everyday problems and pressures. You can bake breads, muffins, cupcakes, and cakes, and sell them at work (make sure you ask your superiors first!), in your neighborhood, or online. Cake decorating might require you to take professional culinary classes but that can only mean you’ll be earning bigger bucks for every birthday/wedding cake you’re commissioned to make. Watch your clientele grow with every heavenly dessert you make.

Give one of these ideas a try and find out how easy it is to earn extra money. Don’t forget to have fun!